Stroller Hooks For Diaper Bags

A functional stroller is an organized stroller. If you have triplets, you probably already know that you need more space for your gear than is probably available. That is where stroller hooks and stroller clips come in. They allow you to keep your diaper bag or other accessory within reach and they free up space in the overcrowded undersea storage area. Here are a few great clips that work well with diaper bags. Enjoy.

  • Multi Purpose Stroller Hooks
    These hooks attach with velcro so they will fit just about any stroller. They also swivel making them much more convenient than a fixed hook. Hold you diaper bag, purse, grocery bag, etc.
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    diaper bag stroller hooks
  • Think King Stroller Hooks
    Like the above hooks, these attach with velcro so they will fit most strollers. They do not have a swivel but they do feature a large metal hook that will potentially handle more weight and be a bit more durable.
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    diaper bag stroller clips
  • OXO Stroller Hooks
    With a recognizable name and a user friendly design, these just might be the hooks for you. Large opening makes them one of the easier hooks to load. They also have a non slip grip to keep your diaper bag or purse in place.
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    oxo stroller hooks
  • Attmu Stroller Hooks For Diapers
    These hooks simply slip over the handle of your stroller. The foam cover keeps them in place on the bar and the clip securely holds your bag or purse.
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    diaper hooks
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