Child Craft Trio 3 Stroller

The Trio 3 by Child Craft is a good all around economy minded triple stroller. It will handle three kids and gear easily, folds to a convenient size, for a triple stroller anyway and is priced affordably. It has five point harnesses, a canopy to protect the kiddos from weather and sun and will accommodate children up to 40 pounds. Overall, in the basic stroller category, I like the Trio Sport by Foundations better but just barely. This stroller should at least be considered.


Why We Like It

This is a good all around basic stroller with all of the features that you need. It has rubberized wheels for comfort, plenty of storage underneath and a safety braking system that will keep you in control. For a stroller under $400, this one will get the job done well.


  • Safety Brake: Simply release the handle to activate the brakes.
  • Rubberized Wheels: Cushions the ride.
  • Canopy System: Shelters children from sun and elements.
  • Good Storage: Plenty of storage underneath for all of your gear.
  • Folds Easily: Breaks down quickly to a relatively compact size.


  • Weight: 56 Pounds.
  • Weight Limit: 40 Pounds.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
  • Dimensions (Open): 47 H x 32.5 W x 56 L

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