Triple Strollers

Moving three babies around is no easy task. It involves planning, preparation, patience and, of course, a good triple stroller. A good stroller will not only hold three babies comfortably, it will also hold the mountains of gear required for a successful outing. It will make it easy to find what you need, the instant you need it and it will be easy to maneuver so that you can keep a watchful eye on your kids. It will fold down neatly with a few quick movements into a compact pile of canvas, metal and plastic that you can easily stow in a standard trunk. We ask a lot of our strollers so we need to be careful when choosing them. At Taking Three we know this so, without further delay, we present to you the best strollers for triplets. Enjoy.

  • Foundations Trio Sport Tandem Stroller
    This triple stroller by Foundations represents one of the greater values in strollers for three. If you have been looking for some time, you know that these things are not cheap. With the Trio Sport, you get a lot of great features packed into a stroller for well under $400. Rubberized wheels for comfort, five point harnesses and ample storage. Perhaps one of the best features though is the SafeBreak system that automatically engages the brakes when the handle is released.
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    trio sport stroller
  • Trio 3 By Child Craft
    The Trio 3 by Child Craft is a good all around economy minded triple stroller. It will handle three kids and gear easily, folds to a convenient size, for a triple stroller anyway and is priced affordably. It has five point harnesses, a canopy to protect the kiddos from weather and sun and will accommodate children up to 40 pounds. Overall, in the basic stroller category, I like the Trio Sport by Foundations better but just barely. This stroller should at least be considered.
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